So…we’re not friends?

“Stan, poke your grandma!” his dad said. Stan’s hell began after his friends set him up with his own Facebook profile. He had to befriend everyone from his mom to his grandmother and when he wanted out of Facebook, Stan found himself in a battle with his own gigantic profile, playing Yahtzee.

Last night, South Park’s episode “You have zero friends” took a slam at social-networking giant Facebook and semi-slams at FarmVille, the popular Facebook application, and startup Chatroulette. The funniest stint of the episode would probably be Stan’s dad insisting that Stan takes timeout from doing his homework to add him as a friend on Facebook, saying “So…we’re not friends then?”. Stan finds himself dragged into the whole “Facebook” bubble, facing all sort of trouble with everyone he knows, from family to neighbors and friends.

The subplot of the episode revolves around a lonely kid called Kid Dropy who has no real friends, however, it means everything to him when Kyle befriends him. In the real life, Kip Dropy has been having no problems in making new friends on REAL Facebook; just check out his own Facebook page which has almost 200,000 fans.

Compared to the attacks the cartoon has dished out in the past, South Park Facebook episode took it relatively easy; yet, the delivery of the “friendship as a commodity for a person’s status” was exquisite.

Here are some highlights of the episode:

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