The Story of Eastline Digital: Marc Dfouni

One of the early pioneers of digital marketing provides insight on the digital scene in Lebanon and expands into new horizons….

مارك دفوني: 5 أسباب تتيح للبنان أن يكون وجهة جيدة لتأسيس الأعمال

في العام 2006، بدأنا بالعمل في لبنان، وفي تلك الفترة، كانت خدمة الانترنت سيئة للغاية. أما خلال أول سنتين، فكان نشاطنا مقتصرا في الأساس على كندا. وفي العام 2008، أي عندما بدأ “فيسبوك” بالانتشار في لبنان، أصبح اللبنانيون يستخدمون الانترنت من أجل الولوج الى “فيسبوك” بالدرجة الأولى، وبسبب هذا الأمر، بدأ مفهوم إدارة وسائل الاعلام الاجتماعية والتسويق بالظهور، ومن هنا انطلقنا وافتتحنا سوقا لخدماتنا في لبنان. وفي العام 2009، توسعنا نحو الخليج بأكمله، واليوم لدينا مكتبا في دبي وفي لبنان

Startups vs. big enterprise: The David and Goliath of the business world

“SMEs and startups, especially in Lebanon, have the flexibility to innovate at a faster pace than large companies due to less bureaucracy and elastic budget,” Marc Dfouni, co-founder of Eastline Marketing and one of the first independent digital marketing agencies in Lebanon, told Annahar.

What a Digital Difference a Decade can Make

It’s only been 25 years since Tim Berners-Lee made the World Wide Web available to the public; during that time, the Internet had become an integral part of everyday life for most of the world’s population.

Nemr Badine et Marc Dfouni célèbrent les 10 ans d’Eastline Digital

Dix ans après le lancement d’Eastline Digital, Marc Dfouni et Nemr Badine font partie des pionniers de la publicité en ligne au Moyen-Orient. Aujourd’hui, ils souhaitent s’étendre à de nouveaux marchés dont l’Iran. « Nous y avons déjà fait plusieurs voyages et nous y avons vu un écosystème en plein développement », disent-ils.

Jad Bou Chebl on Digital Marketing

arabad_jul_2015_coverAre brands in the region becoming increasingly comfortable with social media and digital advertising on the whole? Read Jab Bou Chebl – Senior Project Manager at Eastline’s view.

Jennifer Kanaan: 5 Ways MENA Brands Can Engage Customers on Snapchat

arabnet_august_2015_coverSnapchat is growing fast worldwide and even faster in the Arab world. In 2014, it was the fastest growing social media app, achieving a growth rate of 56% between the first and the third quarter of the year. The fascination with Snapchat continues as the platform is said to be nearing 200 million active users, with 81% of its users aged between 13 and 24 years old.

Revolutionising the Digital Ad Space

communicate_nov_2014_coverOver the last decade, we’ve seen advertising agencies rapidly shift towards digital communication, yet they haven’t fully embraced the power of interactivity. This is why Eastline Marketing, a leading digital agency, has come up with a truly innovative solution: Social Ads.

Caught in a Crossfire

communicate_oct_2014_coverMarc Dfouni, CEO and managing partner at digital agency Eastline Marketing, gives a very concrete example of that sad, albeit usual, state of play: his company has lost four employees to Dubai in the past year. Dfouni anticipates a couple of more losses from now until the end of the year. “This problem is getting worse every year. The retention of these people is not an internal or a motivational problem, but mainly a political one,” he says….

Jennifer Kanaan: My Accounts are an Extension of Myself!

cover_cloud_961_sept_2014Like most of us who were swept by the social media marketing wave, Jennifer Kanaan, who now works as the Social Media Manager at Eastline Marketing…