Search engine optimization is one form of online marketing. Its main goal is to increase the relevancy of a site and its content for both search engines and users. Successful results are reflected when a site gains top positioning for relevant keywords and phrases, and ranks above its online competition. Constant optimization is required to maintain a high ranking.

We offer search engine optimization in Arabic, English, and French.

Our search engine optimization services are divided in two main phases:


This phase depends on the size of your site as well as the difficulty of the required SEO and amount of needed changes. It may include the following activities:

  1. SEO report of your site’s current status and future potential. Our team of experts will assess the current status of your website’s online visibility, and present you with a detailed list of tasks that ought to be performed in order to maximize your site’s potential.
  2. Effective use of domain names. If needed, we will provide you with a list of domain names that we judge to be appropriate and representative of your company, service or product, and most importantly domain names that are SEO friendly.
  3. Site analysis (technical and content structure and organization). Our technical department will analyze the code structure of the site and organize it in a manner allowing easy navigation and interpretation for the search engine robots. In order to get indexed, increase popularity, and rank highly in search engines, your site’s internal coding has to be written to comply with the basic webmaster rules of major search engines.
  4. Website design analysis – current website design, content and layout assessment. Our graphics department will analyze your website’s design and recommend any needed modifications to comply with the search engines’ rules. The more your site looks professional and is user friendly, the more it gains visitor trust which will eventually increase traffic and goal conversion.
  5. Keyword analysis – evaluating industry-specific keywords to your website to attract the targeted audience.Search engines rely on their knowledge of semantics in order to return the best result for a user’s query. Our strategy is to provide you with a detailed keyword list and measure its potential to target the wanted traffic.
  6. Meta tags and page title creation – implementing site-specific page titles and meta tags. We pay a great deal of attention on the format of URLs, title tags and metadata, the more descriptive and brief they are, the better they will be indexed by search engines.
  7. Content optimization. The content of the site is often neglected as being one of the major influencer for any search engine. Hence this step requires an analysis of your current content (text, images, etc.) followed by recommendations of any needed changes.
  8. Full scale SEO plan with realistic timelines. We provide you with a detailed SEO plan for your website with realistic timelines. We also provide you with constant follow up and present you with a detailed list of the progress.


This phase includes the following activities:

  1. Internal/external link building strategy. Link building is an excellent strategy to get natural traffic to your website. Internal linking is of great importance for it highlights certain pages of your site, hence making them more significant than others. On the other hand, external link building allows your website’s popularity to grow exponentially.
  2. Individualized submission to the full array of search engines and web directories. In order to maximize your website’s visibility, we make it our job to manually submit your website to major search engines.
  3. Monthly report of ranking results. In order for you to monitor your website progress, we present you with a monthly update of your website ranking result.
  4. Ongoing progress report, analysis of results and improvement recommendations. We will provide you with a comprehensive progress report and we will brainstorm to provide you with improvements and recommendations to constantly increase your website’s ranking and popularity.