Online Media Planning & Buying

Providing clients with proper media planning is not just about how much budget to allocate, but also about who it’s being allocated for. Our media department focuses heavily on identifying the key target audience we’re addressing for each brand. Questions such as who, where and why are we targeting are answered primarily through proper research conducted before media plans are put in place and executed. Knowing your audience effectively minimalizes communication waste, which in turns leads to better budgeting and lowered media expenses.

At Eastline, we are Google and Facebook Certified Professionals.

We provide clients with the following services:

  • Paid Search Marketing
  • Facebook / Twitter / Instagram /Advertising
  • Third Party Publishers Advertising

Knowing your audience effectively decreases communication waste, which in turns leads to better budgeting and lowered media expenses.

Media planning is not a one-time job and it is certainly not a stagnant operation.

Our media department carefully monitors every ad campaign on a day-to-day basis in order to assess its performance and see whether any optimization is called for.

Text, layouts, call to action messages, targeting options & daily budget allocations are just some of the variables that need to be assessed daily and adjusted according to the current campaign performance.

The assessment is divided into daily, weekly & final reports that are shared with our clients. This is done to keep track of the progress and have transparent insight into the campaign performance.


The Social Ads media platform allows advertisers to seamlessly transform social media content into display banners and push those banners to ad exchange networks.

Social Ads advantages:

  • Accelerate: Seamlessly transform social media content into standard HTML display banners.
  • Reach: Promote your content outside social media platforms with global ad exchange networks.
  • Engage: Native, content-based interactive banners with embedded social actions such as Liking & Sharing.
  • Perform: Your ads will reach a level of performance that you rarely see with traditional banners.

For more info, follow this link.

Why do brands choose Social Ads

Traditional display banners are on their way out! Social, relevant and fresh content advertising has a proven superior performance. Social Ads are the solution to every problem with traditional banners. That’s why world leading brands are opting to use our platform.


Paid Search Marketing is an extremely powerful sales and marketing tool to almost any kind of business. Its objective is to send targeted visitors to your site via pre-defined search terms and keywords on search engines. It is often called “Just in Time” online marketing since its main advantages are to provide immediate, controllable and highly measurable results.

It is often difficult to position a site on highly competitive keywords. But it is surely possible with a keyword purchasing campaign. These campaigns enable a site to be positioned on top of the search engine results (in the sponsored links section) for all desired keywords. Once the natural (or organic) referencing is done, the well positioned keywords can be removed from the paid campaigns.

The following steps are required for an effective PSM campaign:

  1. Website marketing analysis – interpreting and accurately defining your online marketing objectives. Our Marketing Manager will inform you about our most advanced Search Engine Marketing services and, in accordance, you will be given the best plan that suits your specific needs.
  2. Creation of cost-per-click (CPC) accounts with major search engines. CPC accounts are among the most popular and highly effective online marketing strategies, for they are low cost and budget oriented. Eastline Marketing is certified by most search engine such as Google and Yahoo! which gives us the opportunity to create and effectively manage your CPC accounts.
  3. Keyword analysis and selection. This step requires an analysis of your website’s content in order to generate a list of relevant search terms (or keywords).
  4. Ad creation. Our copywriters will create original ads with attractive text content that will draw specific traffic to your website.
  5. Launching of CPC campaigns and analysis of immediate results. Upon completion of the above steps and after having defined your budget, we will launch the planned campaign which will enable us to gather and analyze short term performance data.
  6. Recommendations and modifications of the campaign based on the analyzed results. We will recommend modifications in order to optimize the results in advertised search engines by increasing goal conversions while conserving or decreasing the cost per click.


  • Target ads specifically to people who are searching for your products or services.
  • Avoid showing ads to untargeted users.
  • You can choose to pay for ad clicks (CPC) or for impressions (CPM).
  • Because you can choose your own CPC or CPM amounts, you decide how much you’ll pay each time someone clicks or views your ad.
  • There’s no minimum spending limit. In addition, you can set a daily spending limit (daily budget) that the search engine system will never exceed.
  • Edit your budget settings at any time.