As a turnkey online advertising solution, Eastline Digital offers its services unlike any other online marketing company. We have perfected the art of listening to our clients and meeting their goals. Our philosophy is to work with our clients as if they were our partners, maximizing their strengths and ultimately their success through the richest online advertising strategies. In order to reach your objectives, we deploy strategies that generate tangible, measurable business advantages. The new online marketing era in the Middle-East has begun!


  • Digital Strategy

    Using a consumer behavior mindset, we develop objective-driven strategies that help brands achieve their goals. Our Services include: Brand strategy & planning, content strategy, digital architecture development, brand voice development, social strategy, search strategy (SEO & SEM), and mobile strategy.

  • Social Media Marketing

    We help brands create meaningful conversations that lead to engagement and build relationships with their fans. Our services include: Social media strategy, community management, content development, blogger outreach & seeding.

  • Online Media Planning & Buying

    We approach media planning and buying through a scientific viewpoint, using technology to accurately forecast your media campaigns and putting you in the right place at the right time.

  • Mobile Marketing

    Through accurate consumer targeting, we provide brands with mobile marketing solutions aimed towards leveraging today’s increasingly connected environment. Our services include: Mobile strategy, application & website development, mobile advertising, mobile SEO and mobile reporting & analytics.

  • Creative & Technology

    Our Creative & Technology team provides the appropriate input to ensure your brand’s strategy is properly implemented.

  • Search Marketing

    Our extensive experience in search marketing ensures brands are easily found by consumers. Our services include: Search Engine Optimization & Paid Search Marketing.

  • Consumer Insights

    We offer brands comprehensive sets of data & insights that help them better understand their customers’ likes & interests. Our services include: Social listening, brand & competitive assessment and sentiment analysis.

  • Digital Education & Training

    We provide workshops and training to aid brands in understanding the latest digital advancements and how they can impact their market and brand.

  • Amazon & Management

    To figure out the entire Amazon & platform on your own is highly complex and daunting. Brands come to us for our unique expertise and years of experience. We help you figure out the right strategy, execute effectively and leverage data to drive meaningful results.