Using a comprehensive benchmark of relevant social networks, we provide our clients with a thorough competitive analysis that gives them a clear picture of their competition’s local and global work.

Our benchmark helps answer several important questions that benefit our clients, for instance:

  • What are their weaknesses and how can we benefit from them?
  • What kind of applications have they released?
  • What is the general sentiment towards them?
  • How frequent is their engagement?
  • What type of content do they use?
  • How established is the competition online?

We take pride in our technical ability to gather important and insightful information regarding our client’s target audience, which we compile into a centralized intelligence database.

Each activation allows us to tap into participants’ personal information and store it into a database for future use. This database will become a pool of information and strategic insights that allows us to better appeal to participants’ likes and interests. We will thus be able to increase lead generation, turn users into brand ambassadors and shed light on avenues of monetization that clients can tremendously benefit from.


Proper online presence and sustainable engagement requires brands to stay well connected and informed on all the latest online trends that are gaining popularity. Trends are not only related to new technological releases. They include the latest updates from the major social networks, as well as newly released features that can bring several benefits to our clients (such as the latest Facebook Ambassador Program).

Part of our mandate is to keep our clients up to date with all the new trends, while also informing them of the proper ways to use them to their advantages.