Monetary Value of a Facebook Fan

After putting the effort in building Facebook communities of fans, brands have been wondering about the monetary value of these fans. Virtue, a firm specialized in social media, has conducted a study to estimate the value of facebook fan at $3.60 per fan.

Virtue determined that each post that is posted on a brand’s Facebook page yields 6 impressions through fans’ friends’s news feeds. For example, with an average CPM of $5, Starbucks‘ 6.5 million fans are worth $23.4 million in media annually; however, not all brands get the same value for their fans. Some brands receive more impressions than others because their posts get shared and intereracted with by more users.

What makes users share and interact with a brand’s post? Open-ended opinion-seeking status updates, interesting industry-related news and other quality fan-related content that targets your fans’ intersts are guaranteed to receive interaction from fans. On average, a Facebook fan’s monetary value is $3.60; yet, the quality of your posts is what determines how much your fans will actually be worth.

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