Online Marketing Firm Eastline Marketing is Expanding into the MENA Region

Beirut, Lebanon, October 27, 2008: With the incredible growth of internet investments in the MENA region, Lebanon-based Eastline Marketing, specialized in online marketing strategies, is widening its operations into the Middle East and North Africa region.

Eastline Marketing complements every need that a business may have concerning increasing its exposure, worldwide internet marketing strategies, internet solutions for its websites, portals, and events, and search engine optimization (SEO) to build a stronger base for any brand, service, or product. These services and tasks are handled by a team of Lebanese experts that have more than 10 years of experience in this field in Canada and North America. Today’s internet is the portal for any product from any location onto the whole world, and for this, every business deserves the best exposure possible, especially in today’s crowded competition. Reaching your market at the widest coverage possible will ensure your firm’s and product’s presence and therefore build a deeper relationship with your current and potential clients.

Our policy could be summarized in our work philosophy as stated by CEO/Co-founder Mr. Marc Dfouni “Eastline Marketing approaches every project with a fresh and creative perspective, working side-by-side with clients to achieve the best solution for their online marketing needs, current objectives, and future goals.

Online marketing is entering a new era in the MENA region. Enhanced by affordable prices and high-speed connection, internet use is sweeping the MENA region at an astonishing growth rate of 1176% (Middle East) and 1030% (Africa) since 2000, as opposed to a worldwide growth rate of 290%. The potential of this industry is further strengthened with the increasing workshops and ventures focused on Middle East online marketing.

Expanding its client base beyond North America and Europe, 2008 saw Eastline Marketing shift its focus to online marketing solutions in the Middle East, mainly Dubai, Qatar, Egypt, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. “Whether it is to merge traditional methods with new pioneered technologies, or to create something far beyond the expectations, Eastline Marketing commits itself to offering its client services that enable it to stand out from the competition.

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