Google adds "Remarketing" to Adwords

Google has taken behavioral advertising to the next level. After giving marketers the ability to target users by interests and website-category on the Google Content Network, Adwords now has a new controllable option, that is “Audiences.” Audiences allows you to target specific ads to specific users who have performed a certain action online, such as targeting all users that have visited a specific section on your website or purchased a certain item.

By adding Remarketing – a term created by Google for this type of advertising – to Adwords, Google is bringing advertisers closer to the future, which will tend to rely more on behavioral ads rather than geotargeted ads. For example, remarketing enables you to advertise to certain customers who have already looked to buy book “x”, offers about books from the same author or a similar topic – a technique used by websites such as

In the new version of Adwords, you can create a new “Audience List” under the new “Audiences” tab, constituting of customers who share a certain behavior on your site, then generate a tag that could be added to your website. “Audiences” are fully trackable and measurable through Clicks, Impressions and conversion rates.

If you care about your conversion rates, you might want to start by enabling the new “Audiences” tab in any campaign running of the Google Content Network!

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