Nokia 808 PureView: Detail and Depth Never Seen Before

Nokia 808 Pureview

Given that part of our work as social media ambassadors is to cover the live events of our clients by uploading pictures and comments on the pages we handle, Nokia Lebanon agreed to lend us the Nokia 808 PureView for a few days so we can test it and decide whether it is convenient for our work at Eastline Marketing.

Therefore, on Wednesday evening, while the JLP band was performing at The Angry Monkey, we, as social media ambassadors, were using the phone to take pictures for the launch of the new Stoli chocolate Raspberry.

If you’ve visited the Stoli Leb page on Facebook or if you follow us on twitter, you’ve probably seen the pictures posted on Wednesday, the 8th and Thursday, the 9th of August 2012. Amazing, aren’t they?

With its 41 MP sensor and Carl Zeiss Lens, the Nokia 808 PureView’s camera enabled us to take wonderful high quality pictures and instantly share them on our Facebook and Twitter pages for Stoli Lebanon. The camera on the new Nokia 808 is surprisingly powerful and it even has amazing pictures at lower resolutions. Finally, we can take amazing pictures for our clients with amazing quality without having to invest in an expensive professional camera.

However, the downfall encountered is when it comes to sharing the pictures on Facebook as we were only able to upload to a profile and not a page so we had to share the pictures via email. Although it is certainly a limitation, it is not that irritating since it is fast and easy to share them via email.

With more than 70 likes for each picture uploaded, we can say that this phone has really lots of potential (as long as the camera is concerned*). Only, for the next version, we hope that Nokia 808 will run Windows 8 OS because it is more flexible and adapted to the geeks that we are!

(* We’re not talking about the phone’s characteristics in general. As social media ambassadors, we are interested in the camera’s functionality.)

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