How to Write Articles That Go Viral

Viral contentThis is a question that many wonder about. A small research about articles that went viral show some similarities anyone can put to good use:

1. What to write about & when

Make sure you are writing about a current subject. People are more interested in reading about hot topics than about subjects they already know. Equally important, is to think when to post the article; for that purpose one needs to know at what time the target readers would be online in order to have the chance to read the article and not miss it.

2. Write piece with more elaborate content

People love to read stories. Whether it’s an engaging one or a guide, people tend to allocate more time to these types of content since they can connect or learn something new. You can also consider delivering stories in parts every once a week or two.

3. Pick a title and keywords that work

Effective keywords will help your readers find your articles; they need to be relevant to the subject you are writing about. At the same time, make sure that your article is still easy to read. The title is also important, think about it well; it has to be intriguing enough to get clicks.

4. Interesting and emotional content is the way to go

A unique content will always attract more people. Remember that you are speaking to your readers and not to yourself. Avoid duplicate content and use attractive media. Content that triggers an emotional response is more likely to go viral than content that does not.

5. Ask for feedback.

Send your articles to a couple of readers you trust and get their feedback for testing. This will give you an insight on whether your article is interesting enough and contains no errors.

6. Share your article on various online platforms.

Share, share, share! It’s the only way to get your article out there and ensure that it get to the biggest number of people possible.

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