Eastline and Endeavor, A Mentoring Success

Eastline - EndeavorThree years after being selected as high impact entrepreneurs by Endeavor, Eastline Marketing remains proud of the achievements it continues to reach with the NGO organization.

Celebrating the ongoing successes of Endeavor in Lebanon during a gala dinner on June 4th, Eastline Marketing was part of the selected 13 local business owners and senior management to address the realizations they fulfilled with the help of Endeavor.

Needless to say, the 460 attendees were impressed by the mentoring and impact Endeavor has made to help these companies reach their potential and grow the local economy through these chosen promising businesses.

As Eastline Marketing, we cannot summarize how Endeavor has helped us shape and outgrow our potential in the past 3 years. However our CEO & Eastline Marketing Co-founder Marc Dfouni says “We have built a trusted, long-term relationship with our Endeavor mentors who have greatly helped us to expand our network, solidify our business structure, build our vision, and evolve. They’ve been there and done that and now it’s our turn as young entrepreneurs to be guided by their constructive wisdom.”

Based in New York with offices in 20 countries all over the world, Endeavor is a global organization whose mission is to transform economies around the world by using entrepreneurship as a catalyst of that change, so they identify the best entrepreneurs in these companies and work with them to help them succeed.

Their core aim is to transform the economy by helping the most promising and ambitious high-impact entrepreneurs by giving them access to any managerial resource they need.

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