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A new era begins for Facebook

As Facebook F8, the company’s annual developers’ conference, comes to an end, it’s time for us to go over the major changes the social network is bringing to the table. Messenger as a platform Arguably the most important and most discussed new feature announced at F8 was Messenger. It has gone from app to platform, […]

How Eastline Marketing Accelerated the Largest Startup Conference in the Region

Last year, Banque Du Liban unveiled Circular 331, a new initiative that allows banks to use a $400,000,000 fund to act as investors for startups in Lebanon. In order to educate these young companies on how to make it big and learn more about the circular, Banque du Liban (BDL) organized the largest startup conference […]

Are tech CEOs the new rock stars?

During the past decade, CEOs of tech companies have become just as popular as music and movie stars. How come? How does it show? What are the consequences? 1- The Steve Jobs way In 1983, Steve Jobs held his first keynote presentation, unveiling the commercial for the Apple II. Fast forward to 2001, the man […]

Content Marketing

As online marketing grows, new ways of advertising emerge. Lately, this “content marketing” has been the talk of the town. But what is it exactly? Why is it making so much noise? How can you leverage it for your business? 1- What is content marketing? If you want a clear definition, the content marketing institute […]

Eastline and Endeavor, A Mentoring Success

Three years after being selected as high impact entrepreneurs by Endeavor, Eastline Marketing remains proud of the achievements it continues to reach with the NGO organization. Celebrating the ongoing successes of Endeavor in Lebanon during a gala dinner on June 4th, Eastline Marketing was part of the selected 13 local business owners and senior management […]

Marketing with Twitter Chats

If you’re looking to widen your audience and generate leads, Twitter chats can be a strong tool to boost your marketing outcomes. Twitter chats are open and moderated conversations that use a significant hashtag for a certain topic, ie: #ChatWithEastline or #ELMchat, where participants usually filter conversations based on the hashtag to easily follow the […]