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entrepreneurmena_2013_coverBorn to take heart and build their dreams, entrepreneurs often embark on perilous and harsh journeys…

E-Marketing: More for Less

leb_opp_nov_2013Local companies increased their spending on Internet advertising from two percent of their marketing budget in 2008 to 13 percent in 2012, according to Eastline marketing,an online marketing agency.

Downside of Facebook Promotions, a Slippery Slope

cloud961issue_oct_2013Hello Facebook changes, hello competition disasters and newsfeed spamming…

YouTube’s latest makeover for its Android and iOS apps

YouTube, Google’s popular video sharing website, has launched the latest versions of its Android and iOS apps this Tuesday bringing many new features that will improve mobile video viewing experience.

Watch a video and look for another.

So what are the new features and how are you going to experience these new changes? Well open a video, and with a simple swipe of a finger, drag it down to the bottom of the screen to explore other videos and browse through the app.

Watch videos back-to-back.

Youtube’s makeover comes with searching and browsing capabilities for playlists on mobile devices for the first time, which enables the user of playing back to back videos.

Preview what’s going on your connected devices.

Sending videos from your mobile device to your connected TV, like on Chromecast, Google TV, PlayStation 3 and other TVs using the cast button is already featured in the earlier version of the app. But now YouTube let’s you preview and queue what you’re going to watch next.

Packed with new features, the simpler and cleaner version of the YouTube apps is here and it’s available for Android and iOS.

Choose A Hashtag

The Hashtag (#), originally created by Twitter users to categorize tweets and mark keywords and topics, has become a very precious asset in modern marketing campaigns.

Brands who haven’t invested the time to think about their hashtag(s) and their proper use get anticipated results, however those who take their hashtag(s) seriously will harvest the benefits on Twitter.

The micro blogging platform has created a step-by-step infographic that helps you choose your hashtag(s) and guides you through launching your campaign.

Choose a hashtag

Choose a hashtag – click to enlarge

Basics first! Why are you using a hashtag? Keep in mind that for your audience to easily remember it, a hashtag should be notable.

Integrating a hashtag in media is a way to make sure it becomes memorable.

Whether it’s on TV, flyers or though direct mail, integrated hashtags have the best chance of making it to the top of the consumer’s mind.

There is no absolute need for a new hashtag to be created. If people are already engaging in a relevant conversation, half the work has been done. All brands have to do is join in with significance.

After choosing or creating a hashtag, Twitter’s “Choosing A #” will walk you through the next stages to take in order to amplify your message.

How to Write Articles That Go Viral

Viral contentThis is a question that many wonder about. A small research about articles that went viral show some similarities anyone can put to good use:

1. What to write about & when

Make sure you are writing about a current subject. People are more interested in reading about hot topics than about subjects they already know. Equally important, is to think when to post the article; for that purpose one needs to know at what time the target readers would be online in order to have the chance to read the article and not miss it.

2. Write piece with more elaborate content

People love to read stories. Whether it’s an engaging one or a guide, people tend to allocate more time to these types of content since they can connect or learn something new. You can also consider delivering stories in parts every once a week or two.

3. Pick a title and keywords that work

Effective keywords will help your readers find your articles; they need to be relevant to the subject you are writing about. At the same time, make sure that your article is still easy to read. The title is also important, think about it well; it has to be intriguing enough to get clicks.

4. Interesting and emotional content is the way to go

A unique content will always attract more people. Remember that you are speaking to your readers and not to yourself. Avoid duplicate content and use attractive media. Content that triggers an emotional response is more likely to go viral than content that does not.

5. Ask for feedback.

Send your articles to a couple of readers you trust and get their feedback for testing. This will give you an insight on whether your article is interesting enough and contains no errors.

6. Share your article on various online platforms.

Share, share, share! It’s the only way to get your article out there and ensure that it get to the biggest number of people possible.

Playing the Virtual Game


ArabAd met with Eastline Marketing, an A-Z online agency, to discuss the various strategies being employed with the aim of adding value to any brand that crosses their way.

Eastline Marketing Founders Win Endeavor Advocate Award

Beirut, Lebanon, July 08, 2013: Lebanese agency Eastline Marketing won the Endeavor Advocate Award at the Omdiyar Network – Endeavor Awards Dinner. The accolade, which rewards successful entrepreneurs that have contributed to the Endeavor cause, was given out to a variety of candidates from numerous emerging countries.

The event was hosted in San Francisco on June 20 by Nick Beim and Wences Casares. It bought together some of the most celebrated Endeavor entrepreneurs. Upon receiving news of the accolade, which was presented by Ernst & Young, Eastline CEO and co-founder Marc Dfouni stated “We want to thank Endeavor for this wonderful honor. They have always supported us and without their help, Eastline would not be the agency it is today”. When asked where he sees Eastline in the near future, co-founder Nemr Nicolas Badine said: “We want to become the main digital marketing agency in the MENA region.”

During the dinner, Endeavor also gave out awards based on social impact, highest revenue and Greatest Growth in Jobs. The latter was given out to entrepreneurs from South Africa, Turkey and Brazil.

About Eastline Marketing

Eastline Marketing is a leading digital marketing agency in the Middle East. Founded by Marc Dfouni and Nemr Nicolas Badine in 2006, it was one of the first companies in the MENA region to offer a full range of online marketing services.

About Endeavor

Endeavor is a non-profit organization that helps entrepreneurs in emerging countries fulfill their potential via the advising of world-class business leaders. Endeavor has created over 200,000 high-value jobs.

8 Low Cost Ways to Reboot Your Business


In tough economic times it’s sometimes hard to see the silver lining. But according to Marc Dfouni, CEO of Eastline Marketing (a digital marketing agency) it’s a time for companies to take advantage of the situation — especially when…

Twitter Ads API

Twitter Ads APITwitter officially launched their Ads API recently allowing marketers to work with chosen partners (Adobe, HootSuite, Salesforce, SHIFT and TBG Digital) in order to manage Twitter Ad campaigns in a quicker and automated way. They will use Twitter in much the same way they manage marketing campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn using CRM platforms. For the time being it is unclear how long Twitter will work with only the five of them.

Twitter says that its focus has been on delivering better ads instead of more ads, encouraging ads that are “engaging, relevant and useful” and they will be leveraging the ability they have to deliver targeted ads. This would make Twitter the second-screen ad platform of choice after Facebook and will be starting a Certified Ads Products program just like Facebook. We can only think about the kind of revenue boost this will be for Twitter.

Promoted Accounts, Promoted Tweets and Promoted Trends are the 3 advertising options on Twitter. If a company pays to promote an account or tweet, the account or tweet appears at the top of results for searches of relevant terms. The advertising options also cause tweets or account handles to appear elsewhere on Twitter like for example on widgets. Promoted Trends, remain exclusive to Twitter enabling a company to surface its brand in the form of a hashtag on Twitter users’ trend sidebars.

Today, other major platforms like Foursquare, Pinterest and Google+ remain without an ad API.

It seems that Twitter took its time to study Facebook & LinkedIn ads before drafting its own strategy to ensure the success of the ads API. Soon it will be easier to compare how campaigns on all 3 platforms perform.

Would you invest in Twitter ads?