Optimizing Facebook Pages for Facebook Search Graph

Facebook Search GraphFacebook Graph Search is here. Is your page ready for it? To make sure that you benefit from it, you need to check the following:

1. Your Category and About Section

Choose your category carefully as this could make it or break it for you and make sure that you fill your “About” section thoroughly with relevant keywords.

2. Claim your Place and Encourage Check-ins

If you do not claim a Place as your own, check-ins will not be useful. When someone attempts to check into your business, Facebook will display you Page if it’s set up as a Place.If you have a Place Page, you want to push for people to check-in. Although the number of check-ins does not always guarantee a better ranking of search results,you will come up in searches when people filter by their friends if many of them check-in at your place.

3. Encourage Tagging and Liking of Photos

People can search and filter photos of friends they like. They may see a photo of their friend at your location or tagged by your Page. All of this activity helps your Page and your business to remain in people’s minds more often.

Facebook Graph Search will continue to evolve as it goes through beta, but you can start encouraging interactions such as check-ins and tagging to help your Page show up more prominently as people search. Remember that it’s still important to post regularly, produce content that initiates high engagement levels, focus on keyword-rich status updates and connect with people through the news feed, since not everyone will use Graph Search.

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