Promoting your Brand and Business on Facebook

The fast growing demand for a simple and cost-effective solution to quickly immerse brands and businesses on Facebook, urged Eastline Marketing to develop Sweepz Facebook Application, designed to complement our online marketing solutions for clients who wished to leverage Facebook’s viral nature.

Sweepz is designed to achieve three core marketing objectives:

  1. Increase Fans/Likers.
  2. Build a marketing database.
  3. Generate a viral buzz.

The Sweepz Facebook Application can either support a contest or a sweepstakes. Whilst contests require more engagement from users, Sweepstakes are fairly straight forward. With Sweepz Facebook Application, both the contest and sweepstakes can be branded to conform to the visual identity of the product, service, or business you wish to promote.

Facebook Sweepstakes

If your campaign’s objectives are to build a marketing database, increase fans and generate a viral buzz, Sweepz Sweepstakes Application is the way to go! To take part in the sweepstakes and get a chance to win a valuable prize, users will have to fill in a form and answer a simple question usually related to the brand or product. Following a draw, the winner will be announced. Check the Motorshow example.

Facebook Contest

If your campaign’s objectives are to engage fans through a competition, opting for Sweepz Contest Facebook Application is the perfect choice! Sweepz Contest Application allows launching a contest that will engage fans by submitting a photo or video, and then to recruit votes. In order to win the competition, the contestants will need to gather as many votes as possible. Check the Laziza example.

Sweepz Facebook Application is recommended for all clients that are looking to quickly and easily utilize Facebook as a marketing channel and effectively promote their business and/or brand online. With Sweepz Facebook Application, you can launch a sweepstakes or contest and start gathering applications within 5 business days. Fill out the form for more info.

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