Five Rules for Killer Content

Have you ever heard of the expression “content is king”? As a matter of fact, content IS king, especially when it comes to sustaining a successful social presence.  If you are running a social page (Facebook page, blog, etc.) you have most probably experienced difficulty in retaining your audience and keeping them engaged. Take it as a rule, that good content will intrigue your audience once, but its “killer content” that will keep them coming back.

Below are 5 rules that will help you generate and publish “Killer Content”:

  1. Original Content: In a socially crowded virtual world, getting you decent visibility is almost impossible. Even brands with high budgets to burn on advertising, find it difficult to incentivize and push their fans to engage with them. What you need to do to differentiate yourself and stand out is create your own original content that cannot be found anywhere else.  By investing in original content you are bringing value to your social presence and in turn building credibility and loyalty amongst your fans.
  2. Engaging Content: Producing original content is quite simple, making the content engaging is tricky. How many times have you updated your status and received no comments or likes? Users not responding to your content does not necessarily mean that they don’t like the content you are providing them. On the contrary, they might like it but they don’t feel that they need to respond back. That’s why you need to tell them what to do, and always ask them to engage. When creating your content, always keep your fans in mind and project to them the need for their opinion. Ask for their opinion and you will get it.
  3. Set-up a Trend: Be a trendsetter! At the end of the day you want your fans to convert into tangible results. When you become a trend-setter, you can easily increase your conversion rate and attain optimal performance. Usually, setting-up a trend is directly related to original content creation. What you need to do is make sure to remind your fans at every occasion possible about your content and ask them to promote it. If everyone is talking about it, it becomes a trend.
  4. Fan Generated Content: When fans are submitting content to your page, this means that you have attained the trend level needed to keep everyone engaged, hence reaching optimal performance. What you need to do at this stage is revert back to your fans, filter the content and support it. When fans start feeling that they are contributing and conforming to a trend they will automatically transform into ambassadors of your social presence.
  5. Viral Elements: You wonder why some YouTube videos get gazillion views? There’s no black magic behind it. People like to share original content because they like to get some recognition out of it. People get satisfaction when their friends comment or like their posts. What you need to do is make sure that your content has all the viral elements (funny, shocking, cool, amazing, impressive, etc.) that will incite users to promote it on their own social presence and get recognition from their friends.
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