Pinterest: An Advertiser’s Dream

PinterestWith Pinterest picking up, Facebook setting the timeline feature permanent for the business pages and buying Instagram for a billion dollars, you can’t help wondering if social media is heading toward a visual experience where Pinterest is clearly ahead of the game at the moment.

Addictive and eye-candy boards take up most of the space allowing users to re-pin or pin images and videos they like while sharing them with their followers who can also comment, like or re-pin the content if they decide to. It’s a hub for fashion inspirations, interior design aspirations, a digital dream collage, a recipe box and more. In short, Pinterest is becoming the new face of social media marketing.

Now if looking into Pinterest from an advertising eye, it is every advertiser’s dream to find a space toshare visuals that can appeal to the followers emotions and increase brand recognition. How so? Well unlike Facebook, content is shared across the platform where anyone can see, re-pin or like the content, thus reaching outside of a given users network.

Moreover, the newly blasted network also gives brands the chance to pin their products under the “gifts” tab in the navigation bar where they can add a price tag and a link to the website where the item is being sold.

Although the majority of the Pinterests users are mainly focused on sharing photos, however the network can also be a great tool of generating traffic to the brand’s YouTube channel or simply promote videos.

Though Pinterest has been around since 2010, its explosive growth in the past few months has drawn attention to the rise of social media platforms where users can create content with the push of a button.

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Naturally Selected: Lebanese firm opens doors to a new world of advertising

executive-march-2012To say that Internet and social media usage in the Middle East and North Africa is expanding exponentially has become a truism of our time, but like the dinosaurs that failed to adapt as the ice age covered the globe, many companies’ marketing strategies now resemble bewildered cave men soon to be run over on the information highway.

Social Media for a Good Cause

The world is currently witnessing instant news sharing and updates of leading happenings across the globe. Everyone has had an opinion of how social media has changed lives, but today social media is not only doing that and connecting the world, but it has also become the voice of the unheard, a revolution medium and a window to the society’s misfortunes.

Social Media For a Change

Everyone has become suddenly aware of #Tahrir Square protests; everyone has followed closely how some Arab countries claimed their political independence.

Aside from politics, NGOs have also found social media a means to create awareness and channel their good cause. Social media in this case has appealed to the better human and society.

“Please re-tweet, please share” and for a good cause who doesn’t?

The world as we know it has changed bloggers as we know them have changed (at least some).

Locally, feminists in Lebanon are marching for the Adoption of the Violence against Women Law and the removal of article 522 of criminal code.

Regionally, the Arab countries are still fighting to reach some kind of stability after the storm. While also almighty Turkey is having its own share of silent online campaign to free dozens of journalists and twitter’s #FreeJournalists can testify to this.

Our social networks are overwhelmed at the moment with the viral human causes, just login to Twitter and witness how social media is indeed helping change lives.