Keeping Up With the Times

It is no big surprise that the internet is now the fastest growing media for advertising. Everyone saw this coming. On the other hand, traditional media such as TV, radio and print, are seeing a downtown in their use, and thus revenues.

As with every change in life, one needs to learn to adapt to be able to continue growing. Those traditional media companies who were reluctant to change, have been left grasping for air, while the companies that actually began integrating Digital Media early on are seeing many positive changes.  After all, the existence of one media platform does not signify the eradication of another media platform. All platforms should always be kept in mind for those owners of said traditional media houses, also keeping in mind what the best way to approach any given consumer/client with whatever product or service one is promoting.

Looking into recent statistics, the one real risk that traditional media houses run now is to become extinct if they do not learn to adapt (even so slightly) to these changes, and to adapt quickly. Some aren’t adapting to them or haven’t yet because they didn’t see it coming, or they did see it coming but didn’t do anything about it, or they just simply don’t know where to start and what to do.

The rise of Social Media is the biggest shift in the Industrial revolution thus far but at the end of the day, it should be the consumer that drives the companies to make certain changes, especially when it comes to Social and Digital Media. As long as all media companies never lose sight of the consumer, what they want, and delivering that to them in an effective way, then they will always be ready to deal with any changes in media.

The Art of Listening

The undisputed growing popularity of social sites such as Facebook and Twitter mean that advertisers now have the opportunity to create a direct channel of communication with their consumers.  The continuous interaction between users on brand pages, provide key insights on consumer’s online behavior, brand/ product perception, emerging audiences.

Listening to your followers/ likers will not only enable you to understand their culture and language, but more importantly, it will tell you what they like, dislike, ultimately what they want.  Valuable information, such as hot topics and interests, provide great common grounds for initiating content.  For instance, listening to your consumers will enable fine-tuning of your Paid Search Marketing strategy.

Moreover, monitoring posts and actions will help you determine who your brands’ valuable customers are and who your faithful brand ambassadors are.

A key to engaging your followers/likers is to provide them with only 50% product related content. The remaining 50% should relate to what your audience likes/ wants.  This will trigger social conversations and, only conversations create bonding, which in turn translates in higher level of engagement.

Rule of thumb: Consumer talks, advertisers listen!

Eastline Marketing organise un concours en ligne pour Huggies


L’agence en ligne Eastline Marketing a organisé pour la marque de couches Huggies, propriété du groupe Kimberly Clark et distribué au Liban par Obegi, une campagne Internet tournant autour d’un concours de photos de mères faisant un hug à leur enfant…