Casino du Liban launched their first Lebanese Poker Championship, and needed to increase visibility and attract high rollers from across the world to join the championship.

Casino du Liban defied Eastline Marketing to gather a maximum amount of high roller registrations, knowing that one of the major advertising channels used does not allow the promotion of gambling.

Moreover, in order to monitor, adjust in real time and provide a comprehensive report, Eastline Marketing was challenged to set-up a full analytics system to track 11 countries.

First and foremost, in order to place direct advertising, Eastline Marketing countered the promotional restrictions by developing an ingenious Micro-site which fits the supplier’s policies.

Eastline Marketing implemented an array of targeted media placement, including international poker news sites, coupled with social elements such as Facebook advertising and Facebook Page creation and its maintenance.

Casino du Liban enjoyed an exceeding amount of expected number of high roller registrations as well as a substantial amount of satellite tournament players.

  • Increased Fans by 55%
  • Increased Clicks by 415%