With the opening of the Middle-East branch, FXCM, one of the largest and most well-capitalized forex brokers, brought their international expertise to the MENA region.

FXCM MENA challenged Eastline Marketing to translate their worldwide reputation to the online MENA region in order to increase traffic and generate leads represented by the downloads of their online currency trading platform.

Eastline Marketing opted for an integrated approach consisting of Search Engine Marketing to position the brand in search engine results as well as strategic media placements in English and Arabic using global platforms and local networks from each of the five targeted countries.  Eastline Marketing also built FXCM MENA’s online presence on social spaces and industry-specific forums.

The social media strategy also included:

  • Maintaining a robust presence in social spaces, such as on Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, giving consumers a platform to interact with FXCM MENA
  • Starting conversations with online influencers  and potential clients using Twitter

Moreover, Eastline Marketing led all traffic generated from the campaign to a newly developed Landing Page that facilitated navigation and ensured the download form is visible and easily accessible.

1The campaign keywords and media channels were monitored twice a week and adjusted in real time to ensure optimization of the campaign. In order to maximize effect of the campaign, Eastline Marketing performed a split serve ad message test in English and Arabic, hence resulting in partly shifting the media budget allocated to English channels, back to the Arabic channels that proved to be more efficient in the region.FXCM MENA saw:

  • 86.75% of the traffic came from the Google Search Campaign
  • Increased impressions by 152.56%
  • Increased clicks by 211.54%
  • Increased Click Through Rate by 23.35%
  • Decreased cost per conversion by 49.63%
  • Increased conversions by 137.02%
  • Increased visits by 251.94%