We All Love a Lebanese Meme

What’s the fuss all about lately? Ever since the Lebanese Meme page has been created on Facebook end of February 2012, the online community has exploded with satirical views sharing memes that depict so vigorously the Lebanese community.

And who hasn’t shared and laughed over these hilarious anecdotes of the country? Anyone who is anyone in Lebanon has been featured in these memes, from local famous diva artists, to politicians, to your typical bimbo ladies and gigolo men.

Buzz Lebanese Meme

Naturally we had to have a share of the fun! So during the launch of the online campaign for Buzz Vodka Mix, aligned with the current TVCs running on the local broadcasting channels, we created a funny meme and shared it on the Lebanese meme page.

The result was surprising and the post went viral among the Lebanese memers community, 551 likes, 77 shares, and 66 comments in the same day!

The aim of it was to create “buzz” around the new online activation that requires from the Buzz Facebook fans to complete the ad and submit their idea in order to win a trip to Ayia Nappa with 4 of their friends.

Moreover, other viral memes were created by Facebook users mimicking the Buzz scenario.

Either ways, strong TVCs can always give the online marketing a strong push and increase the viral effect and brand visibility, of course spicing it up with a funny meme targeting the product consumers is always a plus.

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