You might be wondering why we have created a page specific to SEO Lebanon? The answer is simple: to show search engines that we are a Lebanon-based company so whenever a user is searching for those terms, this page displays among the first ones in the results.

The technique is simple. Placing the keywords SEO Lebanon at the beginning of a paragraph increases their importance for search engines. In addition, the number of occurrences of these keywords on a given page is also very important for search engine positioning. For example, the keywords “SEO Lebanon” is used five times on this page and the keyword “SEO” is used six times.

If we solely worked in search engine optimization, our chances of being well positioned for the words SEO Lebanon would greatly increase. It is in our belief that the positioning on search engines is only important when it is part of a whole online marketing strategy. Hence, we care more about visitors from search engines who reach a predefined specific goal (sale, lead, etc.) than we care about our positioning on Google or Yahoo!

So if you’re looking for professional SEO services in Lebanon or worldwide, Eastline’s team will partner with you to offer, develop, and implement a customized online marketing solution.

For tailor made SEO, paid search, or online advertising solutions, contact our Lebanon staff at: +961-4-401-744.