Online Media Executive

As the Online Media Executive you will be responsible for developing and managing online marketing programs designed to acquire new customers.

Building high-level relationships with online partners/vendors. This individual will be able to implement reporting, analysis and strategies to improve marketing campaigns in order to generate new customer acquisition and positive ROI.

  • Manage search marketing campaigns for multiple programs, and employ as appropriate, advanced search techniques such as contextual ads, geo-targeting, and day-parting.
  • Solicit and evaluate online media proposals from advertising networks.
  • Implement and review creative and copy, as well as testing multiple ads in order to identify the most effective ad placement.
  • Interpret and evaluate ROI analyses and recommend new strategy enhancements based on campaign results and market conditions.
  • Perform weekly campaign analysis and creative testing.
  • Perform monthly analysis of key user trends and traffic sources.
  • Manage online marketing partnerships
  • Oversee online marketing research
  • Day-to-day management of the media plan including buy recommendations.
  • Demonstrates close working relationship and integration with account management
  • Is the media expert for assigned clients, internal team and the agency as a whole.
  • Negotiate with publishers to get the best possible rates for clients
  • Oversee all media budgets and billing process
  • Partner with publishers to keep the clients up to date on their most recent offerings
  • Is not only educated but is passionate about being on the forefront of the digital world.

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