• Activate Henkel’s (Levant) presence online.
  • Reach Henkel’s target audience through social media.
  • Promote Henkel’s multiple brands through online media campaigns.
  • Create a content platform and attract a target audience.
  • Build a marketing database to be remarketed with cross brand promotions.


  • Create and manage social media pages for Persil, Pril, Le Chat and Der General.
  • Launch ongoing and burst Facebook campaigns.
  • Create engaging content and moderate the pages.
  • Launch multiple digital activities throughout the year (FB contests, mobile games, sweepstakes, micro-sites).
  • Re-marketing a user base through push notification and cross brand promotions.
  • Develop a content platform sponsored by Henkel and attract a target audience through content.
  • Re-target users who visited the platform through a re-marketing advertising strategy.


  • Period of time: Jan 2013 – present.
  • Recruitment of more than 200k social media users
  • Recruitment of more than 70k database users.