Revolutionising the Digital Ad Space

communicate_nov_2014_coverOver the last decade, we’ve seen advertising agencies rapidly shift towards digital communication, yet they haven’t fully embraced the power of interactivity. This is why Eastline Marketing, a leading digital agency, has come up with a truly innovative solution: Social Ads.

Caught in a Crossfire

communicate_oct_2014_coverMarc Dfouni, CEO and managing partner at digital agency Eastline Marketing, gives a very concrete example of that sad, albeit usual, state of play: his company has lost four employees to Dubai in the past year. Dfouni anticipates a couple of more losses from now until the end of the year. “This problem is getting worse every year. The retention of these people is not an internal or a motivational problem, but mainly a political one,” he says….

Social Media Strategies

cover_leb_opp_june_2014Social media is becoming integral to marketing plans. New strategies are being adopted to optimize its impact for companies or brands. According to Marc Dfouni, CEO of Eastline Marketing, an online marketing agency, social media is no longer the question.